Aerial Filming, Surveying and Drone Photography

We are an Aerial Cinematography Agency specialising in Aerial Filming, Surveying & Photography. Using the latest technology we fly drones – or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) – with state of the art camera stabilisation in order to capture super smooth cinematic footage.

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Aerial Filming with UAS is now becoming a cost effective alternative to traditional aerial methods of filming. We can undertake aerial filming now lower than a traditional helicopter and fly closer to the action. View our drone footage of the Teston Kent Floods in late 2013 or our Aerial Filming Showreel.

Many of our clients require video and stills as part of one service. We are able to alternate from Aerial Filming to Photography stills whilst remaining in the air, unlike some companies we do not have to land our aircraft to switch between modes.

For Construction companies that are looking for a topographic survey we can provide an accurate cost with just a few details – Contact Us to find out more.

Whatever the reason for aerial filming and photography we deliver high-resolution photography to maximise visual impact or improve understanding of a project from an elevated view. SkyflyVideo fly high quality DSLR cameras so we can capture HD video and high resolution RAW images.

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Aerial Photography
Aerial PhotographyOur system allows us to carry a high quality DSLR Canon 5D Mark 3. We can capture . . .
Flooding At Teston LockOver the Christmas period of 2013, Kent saw some incredibly severe flooding. . . .
Three Eras of Ferrari
The Three Era's Of FerrariWe were asked to capture the aerial shots for a short documentary ‘ . . .